At High Grade Automotive, we offer a range of engine repair services. From simple checks to more involved repairs, depending on the make and model of your automobile. Our state-of-the-art service facilities incorporate the latest automotive engine repair technology.

We offer complete tune-ups. Your automobile’s engine may occasionally require more than a tune-up. After inspecting your vehicle, our technicians may recommend other services for the health of your engine.

Our other engine services include:

  • oil and oil filter change
  • lubrication service
  • spark plug replacement
  • air filters
  • fuel filters
  • fuel pump
  • crank case vent filters
  • vapor canister filters
  • pcv valves
  • ignition wires
  • ignition module
  • emissions
  • engine sensors including oxygen sensor
  • coil packs
  • distributor cap and rotor

If your automobile requires engine repair service or you would like to schedule a routine tune-up, call us at (516) 326-2449.